About Eyespoons

A new “drug free” treatment for dry, inflamed or itchy eyes Eamonn Brady, Pharmacist  _ I decided to discuss “Eyespoons” as I have been getting a lot of enquiries about how they can help eye conditions since their launch last year. Dry eyes or inflammatory eye conditions can include symptoms like itchy, red, irritated and […]

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How does it work?

Dr. Gallagher’s invention provides a method for applying heat effectively to the human eyelid. _ The apparatus consists of a spoon-shaped device comprising a wooden oval heat applicator with dimensions sufficient to cover a human eye, with an elongated handle extending from the applicator. Initially, the device is placed into boiling water in a mug […]

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Study results reveal that use of the product is effective in the treatment of tired eyes, dry eye, external eyelid disease (blepharitis and meibomianitis), both causes of the most common complaints of dry, red, scratchy and itchy eyes. Studies show that 80% of those patients with dry eye syndrome found the eye spoons to be […]

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