About Eyespoons

A new “drug free” treatment for dry, inflamed or itchy eyes
Eamonn Brady, Pharmacist 


I decided to discuss “Eyespoons” as I have been getting a lot of enquiries about how they can help eye conditions since their launch last year. Dry eyes or inflammatory eye conditions can include symptoms like itchy, red, irritated and swollen eyes. Dry eye mostly occurs as a part of the natural ageing process, affecting about a third of people over 65. Meibomian gland dysfunction is a condition where the glands at the eye lids become blocked with thick secretions leading to unsightly swelling around the eyes and inflamed and irritated eyes.
“EyeSpoons” is a drug free treatment option designed for many of the most common and annoying eye problems. It is an Irish invention. The concept of Eyespoons was developed by Dr Micheal J Gallagher.

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